Meet The Team

Emily Carter
State Director, Storrs

A creative force of positive, focused energy, State Director Emily Carter ensures Connecticut’s small businesses receive the most effective, strategic guidance to success possible.

Joseph Ercolano
Associate Director, Stamford

As associate director of CTSBDC, Joe is charged with program leadership and delivery as well as outreach to all resource partners.

Business Advisors

Valeria Bisceglia

Valeria G. Bisceglia is an advocate for efficiency, streamlining and building positive cultures in the small business environment, and has been assisting small business owners for 14 years.

Jim Jackson

Jim Jackson counsels entrepreneurs and small business owners to build something their customers and communities value and use. He also encourages their insights, energy and willingness to jump back after mistakes.

Shelly Koehler

Shelly’s purpose in life is to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives; a boon to Connecticut’s small business owners and entrepreneurs.


Gregory Lewis
UConn, Storrs

Through the years Gregory has come to believe that turning to a trusted advisor—and discovering the right information—puts people in a position to be sustainable and successful. Entrepreneurs, Greg explains, are inherently dreamers. And he finds it rewarding to partner with such visionaries.


Patty Meagher
UConn, Stamford

Patty encourages clients’ innate talents, self-motivation and passion to create something new and exceptional. In addition to practical advice that moves businesses ahead, she also helps clients articulate their vision and rally supporters that help them achieve the success they desire.

Nelson Merchan

Nelson helps small business owners start up, improve profitability, expand market share, explore export opportunities and much more, matching their hard work, tenacity and creativity with his own.

Matt Nemeth
UConn, Waterford

Business Advisor Matt Nemeth believes, to be successful, entrepreneurs must possess expertise, a drive for success, charisma and, most importantly, integrity. These same attributes also best describe Matt.


Denise Whitford
UConn, Hartford

Denise mentors clients to build their business around their strengths and talents for the best chance of enduring growth, profitability and satisfaction.



Joseph Williams, Jr.
New Haven

For Joseph Williams, the most rewarding aspect of being a CTSBDC business advisor is giving back on a daily basis, spotting individuals ready to take a leap toward achieving their goals.

Mary Kay Della Camera
Microenterprise Business Advisor

Mary Kay Della Camera works with early stage entrepreneurs to help them think through their business idea, understand State and Federal requirements, providing support from start up through launch.

Christine Sullivan
UConn, Stamford

Christine Sullivan is a business advisor in Stamford and surround communities.


Lead Office Staff

Kristen Mozian
Marketing and Communications Manager

As the CTSBDC Marketing and Communications Manager, Kristen leads all marketing development, from the website to our brand.

Martha Besade
Fiscal Manager

Martha Besade is responsible for CTSBDC finances and funding which supports workshops, events, day-to-day advising, and software tools.