Patty MeagherTechnology Business Advisor
“Entrepreneurship is a team sport. The relationships that you build, the people and organizations you choose to surround yourself with—co-founders, investors, customers, employees, advisors, mentors, professional service providers—make all the difference in your success. Choose your team wisely.”
Patty Meagher, Technology Business Advisor
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Patty Meagher

Patty Meagher has always enjoyed working closely with teams, especially with ambitious, energetic entrepreneurs—the life-blood of our economy. When they face a challenge, she feels honored when they reach out for help. And when they succeed, she loves to share the excitement. As Patty would note, “there’s nothing like getting a call saying ‘We closed the deal!’”

As a business advisor, Patty encourages clients’ innate talents, self-motivation and passion to create something new and exceptional. In addition to practical advice that moves businesses ahead, she also helps clients articulate their vision and rally supporters that help them achieve the success they desire.

Prior to joining CTSBDC, Patty’s career included 20+ years as a business development professional, investor and executive coach in the venture capital, investment banking and technology industries. Most recently she served with CTNext, a statewide business growth accelerator, co-founded the Stamford Innovation Center and spearheaded Fairfield County’s first Startup Weekend.

Patty teams with CTSBDC clients at their place of business or throughout Southern Connecticut.

During her free time, Patty loves to hike, bike, ski, hang out at the ocean (her first startup was a beach stand!) and revel in musicals.

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