Shelly KoehlerBusiness Advisor
Tenacity—you keep going and find solutions even when someone says give it up. Discipline—you do what’s needed even when you don’t want to. Passion—you must love what you do and LIVE IT. These are the three innate qualities an entrepreneur must have.”
Shelly Koehler, Business Advisor
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Shelly Koehler

Born into a family of entrepreneurs it was only natural for Business Advisor Shelly Koehler to dive in too, eventually owning two successful ventures including an international sports travel business. And with 15 years of professional economic development experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and fine-tuned business acumen to her CTSBDC clients.

Shelly’s purpose in life is to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives; a boon to Connecticut’s small business owners and entrepreneurs. She helps them focus on critical details, be prepared, and build a community of resourceful contacts that shore up their limits and help them navigate business challenges. She meets with clients throughout New Haven County.

Shelly loves being outside all year as well as traveling, sewing, baking and hiking Connecticut’s trails with her dog Kodi. A sports fan too, she enjoys helping young adults achieve their potential through athletics and currently coaches fast pitch softball at the collegiate level.