Tammy WarnerBusiness Advisor
“Know yourself. Know your strengths and what you have to offer the world. Know your weaknesses and don’t be shy about getting the resources you need to address them.”
Tammy Warner, Business Advisor
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Tammy Warner

Tammy Warner’s Yankee roots run deep as does her commitment to sustaining Connecticut’s economic vitality. She believes in an economy where young people can envision a future, where entrepreneurial opportunity entails more excitement than red tape, and where new job creation and environmental protection are compatible.

Tammy’s eclectic background serves her CTSBDC clients well. Previously she was a business professor, an analyst for a multinational corporation, a socioeconomic researcher on remote tropical islands, and a marketing manager and ski instructor for a major East Coast ski resort. As a business advisor, Tammy helps both prospective and existing business owners start or grow their business. She encourages their passion for their business and willingness to work hard and long, and fortifies their ability to make decisions based on real data and financial discipline.

Her geographic focus is in Central and Northwestern Connecticut, though clients statewide tap into her agriculture and environmental “greening business” expertise.

Her personal passions include singing in the car and church choirs, skiing, camping, hiking and cross-country driving trips.

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