Bridgeport Regional Business Council

The Bridgeport Regional Business Council works to increase jobs and tax base growth, attract new businesses to its region and help its members—from small businesses and nonprofits to global corporations—grow. CTSBDC advisor Chris Pisarz works from the Business Council’s offices. Whether he meets clients there or travels to their place of business, Chris helps New Haven and Fairfield County entrepreneurs and owners create strong, enduring companies.

Business Council of Fairfield County

The Business Council mobilizes Fairfield County’s business, political and community leadership around issues critical to the region’s viability as a business location. Working from the Chamber’s offices and traveling to meet clients throughout the region, Business Advisors Jenefeness Houston and Joe Ercolano help business owners and new entrepreneurs sharpen their business skills and access the programs they need reach to their goals and contribute to Connecticut’s economic vitality.

Central Connecticut Chamber

Ready to assist new and old businesses of all sizes, the Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce focuses on three main tenants: economic growth, advocacy for its members and member development. Business Advisor Tammy Warner meets her CTSBDC clients at her Chamber-based office or at their location. Partnering with Tammy, they access her wealth of experience and information, strengthen their skills and access the programs they need for success.

Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut

The Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut advances the success of its member businesses, works to build a strong regional economy, enhances support for military personnel and much more. Business Advisor Matt Nemeth meets CTSBDC clients at his Chamber-based office and travels to their place of business. His clients get first class business mentoring, encouragement for their dreams and assistance finding the best business building programs to suit their strategic goals.

Chamber of Commerce of Northwest Connecticut

The Chamber of Commerce of Northwest Connecticut advances the general welfare and prosperity of its region’s citizens and business community through special events, networking opportunities and much more. CTSBDC clients can visit Business Advisor Tammy Warner at her Chamber-based office or invite her to their location. Either way, they tap into her skills and experience, strengthen their confidence and ensure they have access to the programs they need for success.

Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce provides leadership for business interests throughout Northern Fairfield County. Through our partnership with the Chamber, business advisor Nelson Merchan serves CTSBDC clients from his office there or travels to clients’ place of business. Fluent in Spanish, Nelson helps business ownerslearn strategic skills necessary to launch a new business, expand, diversify and succeed.

Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce

The Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce fosters business growth and success for its members with strategic business management tools, networking opportunities and more. CTSBDC Business Advisor Joe Williams partners with the Chamber to serve South Central Connecticut companies, provide them with top-notch business counseling and help their businesses thrive. Clients can meet Joe at his Chamber-based or invite him to their place of business.

Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce

The largest chamber in Connecticut, Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce offers extensive networking opportunities, business growth initiatives, youth development programs and more. Business Advisor Jim Jackson travels throughout Middlesex County to meet with CTSBDC clients at their location or invites them to his Chamber-based office to discuss their business plans and challenges, and help them take the next steps towards their goals.


SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship. Because their work is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and thanks to their network of 11,000+ volunteers, they are able to deliver their services at no charge or at very low cost.

Waterbury Regional Chamber

The Waterbury Regional Chamber is the foremost business network, resource and advocate for economic development efforts in its region. Whether traveling to clients’ place of business or meeting them at her Chamber-based office, CTSBDC Business Advisor Michelle “Shelly” Koehler helps her clients see the big picture, navigate the countless details to creating a long-lived, successful business, and access programs they need to make their business grow.

Women’s Business Development Council

The Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC) empowers women and men to become thriving employers and more effective employees. From starting or growing a business to advancing a career or increasing income, WBDC illuminates business success in a tangible and accessible way. Through workshops, one-on-one coaching and training programs, WBDC delivers business and financial education that makes a difference in people’s lives.