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Jacqui Torcellini

As the CTSBDC’s International Trade Advisor, Jacqui Torcellini’s expertise is not confined to American borders. Through her skills and global business knowhow, Jacqui has helped small businesses ship American made products to over a dozen countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Of course, Jacqui believes that like all great things, small business owners must master the basics before growing and expanding outward. From the very first meeting, Jacqui says “I want to start at square one and get a full understanding of the client and their business.” Jacqui never shies away from a client that needs help growing and strengthening in the domestic sphere before they’re ready for global business. After all, branding in the U.S. is important for any business interested in going global.

Regarding global market entry strategies, Jacqui is knowledgeable in all aspects of how to decide where to export. “There are some philosophies that emphasize the importance of exporting to countries that are already familiar with importing U.S. products,” she states. “Others believe that true success come from exporting to countries that don’t yet import from the U.S.”

At every turn, Jacqui will always strive to analyze which decision is best for her clients and their situation.

Of course Jacqui doesn’t work alone. She has the support of the CTSBDC behind her, as well as their suite of software tools.

“Thanks to the CTSBDC, I get a lot of use out of Euromonitor International, which is a database that helps me drilldown in international markets for specific products that my clients wish to export, and what prices they sell for in countries worldwide,” Jacqui recounts. Thanks to this market research tool , Jacqui’s clients have a knowledge of market conditions in their target country that is on par with that of entrepreneurs living in that country.

Jacqui also works with other specialized tools in her quest to facilitate international trade for her clients, such as UN Commtrade, which allows her to identify countries that import products similar to that of her clients the most, as well as which ones import the most from the U.S.

In addition to an array of specialized software tools, Jacqui also partners herself with her contacts in agencies such as the U.S. Department of Commerce, which can help identify connections and partners in the target country. Through her network of connections, Jacqui is able to put her clients in touch with important figures such as representatives and commercial officials from other countries, which can help settle an international trade deal with ease.

Throughout the entire advising process, Jacqui continues to analyze the businesses of her clients for anything that can be improved or perfected, to ensure that her clients will succeed in the international market.

“Working for the CTSBDC, I see myself as someone who looks at a business holistically,” Jacqui states. “I know the goals that my clients are striving for, but it’s important to make sure their current practices are working properly to ensure their success expanding into international markets.”

Whether they’re meeting at her office at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Middletown or anywhere else in the state of Connecticut, Jacqui’s clients are always satisfied with the result that she helps guide them towards.

“My clients are always excited by the level of information that I can give them thanks to the CTSBDC,” Jacqui explains. “Thanks to this information, the entrepreneurs that I advise can move forward with a higher rate of confidence. Alternatively, they also realize that they need to expand elsewhere because sometimes conditions are not viable in the country of their choice.”

When asked about her number one piece of advice for American small businesses, Jacqui replied, “I want to remind them that 96% of the world’s consumers are outside the United States. Naturally, this is a call to all entrepreneurs to consider exporting, as a technique to increase the viability of their business.”

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