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Matt Nemeth

If you asked Matt Nemeth about the best way to solve any problem, he’d tell you to think outside the box. As a business advisor, Matt finds that any entrepreneur will always benefit from seeing their situation from a different perspective. Many times, he will strive to provide that perspective.

From the beginning, Matt is constantly on his client’s side. At the very first meeting after being briefed on the business situation of his client, Matt will list CTSBDC programs that can be of benefit to the small business, as well as short term and long term goals to fix any concerns.

“My goal is for my clients to look at their goals like they’ve never seen them before,” Matt states. “I want them to better understand where they fit into the business world, so that their weaknesses turn into strengths.”

Matt’s specialty is working with clients in the earlier stages of business, and turning concepts into real life creations. Clients quickly learn about Matt’s expertise in the first meeting and what he can do to help, and according to Matt they often breathe a sigh of relief.

From that point forward, Matt guides entrepreneurs through the multifaceted world of business, often with the help of GrowthWheel, a specialized software tool provided through the CTSBDC.

“With GrowthWheel and other CTSBDC tools, it’s easy to show my clients the multiple ways to reach their destinations,” Matt recounts. “Little by little, I help them identify areas that they’d like to focus on, and break down the barriers of the business world.”

Most of all, Matt considers himself a marketing expert.

“I work with a lot of service industry businesses,” Matt explains. “With businesses like these, establishing a solid marketing base and brand identity is key.”

Matt particularly strives to help his clients discover the world of digital marketing, as there are many marketing tools on the internet that are free of cost and proven to be effective for strengthening brands. Not only does it save capital for the client, it also encourages them to take their time and truly discover their own brand.

“Brand management is fascinating, actually,” Matt admits. “It involves the client exploring their own ideals and vision, and it’s just as much an exercise in self-discovery as it is in marketing.” The more intentional and personal the message expressed through the logo, the stronger the customer will identify with it.

Matt also emphasizes the importance of small businesses networking and working together. He uses a group of younger business owners in Killingly as an example. They work together through barter and a common goal of reinvigorating the downtown area, as well as fostering a genuine relationship with the community. Matt’s role in this is to link businesses together, and with resources as well, which help them grow exponentially.

Matt most often works with businesses located in Eastern Connecticut, and is well known for his business building skills there. Because of this, he’s familiar with the business climate of the region, as well as resources that are happy to help a business grow. Recently, Matt has begun forging ties with Eastern Connecticut State University as well.

When asked what his number one piece of advice is for American small businesses, Matt replied that “The most important component of a successful entrepreneur is passion for what they’re doing. I’m extremely passionate about getting people to work hard at making their business succeed.”

To Matt, knowledge is also just as important. “You can become passionate by empowering yourself with knowledge,” he explains. “This helps you to pay more attention to details than if you did not have that knowledge.”

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