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The CTSBDC makes it easy for you to learn what you need to know about doing business in our state. Our knowledgeable team will help you clarify your needs and explain requirements for your business type. We work closely with state, regional and local organizations to help you get the answers you need to succeed.

Our services are custom-designed for your business and we service all types of business from home-based to high-tech and more.

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“With my CTSBDC advisors’ help, I’ve built a business model that allows me to understand what works best for my company and to grow each year at a sustainable rate.”
“I’ve gained the most success with CTSBDC.”

Jerè C. Eaton, PrintabiliTees LLC
“Thanks to CTSBDC, Penn Globe continues to grow and flourish.”



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Released after 3+ years of research with over 1,000 entrepreneurs participating, BOSI is a framework that segments individuals based on their “entrepreneurial DNA”. We believe there’s an entrepreneur inside everyone. Discovering whether Builder, Opportunist, Specialist or Innovator DNA is driving you (and your team) will unlock tremendous insight that can be used to design and deploy strategy best suited for you. Take the BOSI Assessment.

Two-Minute Mobile

Have you ever tried to look up a business website on your mobile phone, and been unable to find the information you were looking for–the phone number or address for example–because on a phone, the website was too tiny to read? Two Minute Mobile can provide your business with a mobile-optimized website, with the information most important to your customers front and center. Special discount for SBDC clients. Call us for more information.