Filling the Innovation Gap for Women’s Empowerment

by Erin Andrew | Aug. 4, 2015

Did you know that U.S. women create and control a vast and growing amount of wealth? Women control $11.2 trillion, or 39% of our nation’s $28.6 trillion investable assets. Every […]

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Sculpting a Tradition: The Husky Dog Statue

by Abby Mace | July 20, 2015

It’s been 20 years since the Jonathan the Husky statue was unveiled at UConn, but Larry Wasiele still feels immense joy at the sight of recent graduates, orientation groups, and […]

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CNBC’s “The Profit” Seeking To Cast Small Business Owners

Would you like your small business featured on national television? CNBC’s “The Profit” is now casting! On every episode, investor Marcus Lemonis offers struggling small businesses capital investment and expertise in exchange for an ownership […]

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UConn Student to Spend Summer as Budding Entrepreneur

by Brian Zahn | April 19, 2015

MIDDLETOWN >> Anthony LeClair is making preparations to interview candidates for his business. He keeps his marketing materials in a binder and he’s already managing three employees making cold calls […]

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Stamford, Fairfield County Add Up on NerdWallet

By Alexander Soule | May 11, 2015
Numbers don’t lie –but like anything in business and life, it’s the numbers one chooses to tell a story that count.
In NerdWallet’s annual study of the best places in America to […]

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Square Expands ‘Square Cash’ To Business Level Processing

by Chris Crum | March 26, 2015

Square announced the launch of Square Cash for businesses in the U.S. Until now, the product has only been available to individuals.

The company appears to be trying to kill checks, […]

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National Entrepreneurship Program for Women Veterans and Military Spouses Will Be Offered in New England in August

March 17, 2015

Are you a female veteran, active service member, or military spouse/life partner interested in starting or growing your business? Join hundreds of women who have graduated from V-Wise, an entrepreneurship program for women […]

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Reach Global Markets with the SBA

by Seth A. Goodall | March 9, 2015

Today, 98 percent of American companies that export are small businesses, but more than half of our exporters are only selling to one foreign market, usually Canada or Mexico. […]

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SBA Launches Online Matchmaking for Small Business Loans

by Maria Contreras-Sweet | Feb 11 2015

If there’s broad agreement that small businesses are the engine that powers the American economy, shouldn’t it be easier to fuel the tank?

Access to credit continues to bedevil too […]

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SBA Partners with Local Credit Unions to Boost Main Street Lending

By Seth A. Goodall | Feb 20, 2015

Did you know two out of every three new private sector jobs are created by small businesses? Small businesses are the unique cornerstone of America and the backbone of […]

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DECD Chief: Next Mission is Lifting CT’s Urban Jobs

By Gregory Seay | January 26, 2015

DECD Commissioner Catherine H. Smith

Now, says Catherine H. Smith, commissioner of the state Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), her agency is collaborating with other state departments […]

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Will the Government Help You Start A New Business?

By | December 29, 2014

Will the government help you start a new business? The short answer is yes. There are numerous government-funded organizations out there that can help with many steps of starting or […]

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