‘Noteworthy’ Chocolatiers Seek Backing To Launch New Business

By Reece Alvarez | May 2, 2016

A pair of Bethel entrepreneurs is trying to raise money to launch a business to capitalize on people's love of chocolate and personalized gifts. Photo courtesy Noteworthy Chocolates

A pair of Bethel entrepreneurs is trying to raise money to launch a business to capitalize on people’s love of chocolate and personalized gifts. Photo courtesy Noteworthy Chocolates

In less than two weeks a Bethel couple has nearly reached its goal to raise the funds needed to launch its own line of sustainably sourced and allergy-safe laser engraved chocolates.

Through a Kickstarter campaign, an online crowd-funding platform that enables entrepreneurs to gain financial backing in exchange for “rewards” once the product is in production, entrepreneurs Michael and Jennifer Sauvageau have raised more than $15,000 from a collection of 240 backers towards their goal of reaching $27,000 by May 15 to launch their new business, Noteworthy Chocolates.

They plan to specialize in using lasers to engraved personalized chocolate letters and medallions sourced from fair trade-certified suppliers in Ecuador. Addressing the increasingly demanding dietary needs of consumers, the company will offer white, dark and milk chocolate using no genetically modified ingredients and crafted in small batches free of peanuts, eggs, wheat, shellfish and fish, soy and gluten.

The Sauvageaus have a specific focus on eco-friendly packaging and providing their sweet treats to people with severe food reactions as Jennifer suffers from allergies to more than 40 foods, though not chocolate, she said.

The longtime entrepreneurs have been married 13 years and began their business endeavor by turning their passion for play into a business, owning and operating Try Out Toys Entertainment for the last 12 years before deciding to test their business acumen on their love of chocolate.

“I am a lifelong juggler and toy inventor and Jennifer is the entrepreneur in the family,” said Michael. “We are both lovers of playful things and most of all chocolate.”

After months of research, the Savageaus were able to test their idea for laser-etched personalized messages on chocolate by using equipment at the Danbury Hackerspace @ the Innovation Center, a co-working space which served as the incubator for the idea.

The Kickstarter campaign provides an opportunity for the public to pledge financial support to the fledgling business in return for various “rewards” depending on the size of the contribution.

Pledge levels range from $3 to $7,500, with the two highest pledges yet received at the $1,000 level.

The couple said they first began to develop the idea last October and have been doing all the laser work at the Hackerspace while crafting the chocolate at their dining room table.

“The results have been outstanding,” according to the Noteworthy Chocolate Kickstarter campaign. “The chocolate has been devoured. The messages have been read. The people are happy.”

The Savageaus plan to use the funds they raise to upgrade to professional equipment and space to start producing chocolate and rewarding donor pledges by October.

If their goal is not met by the deadline, pledges will be refunded to donors.

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