PrepareCT helps Connecticut’s small business community prepare for and minimize the impact of disruptions and disasters, and take precise steps to ensure their continued business survival and well-being.

Funded by a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and founded in 2014, PrepareCT is led by CTSBDC in partnership with 16 other small business-focused organizations throughout the state. PrepareCT’s overall goal is to help small businesses reduce the likelihood of disruption and shorten the time it takes to recover, thereby saving jobs and maintaining economic vitality throughout Connecticut.

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    PrepareCT offers four key strategies to help small businesses prepare for and thrive after disruptions and disasters:

  • Through this website, workshops, and one-on-one collaboration, help small businesses learn the essential facts about disruption and disaster recovery planning, and create an action plan that minimizes their risks, builds their resiliency, and guides them through an event.
  • Certify small businesses that complete their recommended training and personalized action plan, and inspire them to urge colleagues to follow suit for the welfare of all within their community.
  • Develop a comprehensive database of Connecticut’s small businesses to streamline electronic communications-based alerts, and ease access to information, protocols, and procedures related to preparedness and recovery.
  • Through the Community Economic Resilience (CER) program, integrate small businesses into the existing planning infrastructure of FEMA, SBA’s Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan, and other emergency first responders, to enhance the well-being of businesses and communities in times of broad-range disruption and disaster.

Why Should I Create a Plan?

PrepareCT is Here To Serve You

PrepareCT offers FREE training to keep your business running after disruptions or disasters. Training consists of 6 easy to follow steps: 
  1. Identify and Assess Risks
  2. Define Critical Business Functions
  3. Communicate with Key Stakeholders
  4. Assure Continuity of Supplies
  5. Assure Security and Availability of Data and Information
  6. Test and Maintain Your Disaster Recovery Plan

When your action plan is complete, you earn a “PrepareCT—Disruption and Disaster Recovery Certified” logo you can post on your website, social media outlets and elsewhere. Your certification tells your customers, suppliers and other vital partners that you and your company are positioned to protect their interests in the event of disruptions and disasters.

Your certification also inspires colleagues to get prepared and do their part to help themselves and their communities recover and thrive after disruption and disaster!

PrepareCT Certificatoin

During times of disruption or disaster, it’s essential that small businesses have a voice in what happens in their communities, just as their larger corporate neighbors have.

Working on your behalf and all of Connecticut’s 80,000+ small businesses, PrepareCT and ten chambers of commerce statewide have formed the Connecticut Economic Resilience (CER) program to ensure small businesses are included in disaster response and recovery planning by local and state agencies.

Did you know that 40-60% of businesses don’t survive disasters? Fires, prolonged power outages, blizzards, floods—incidents and natural forces like these can strike with little or no warning, threatening your company’s existence. Don’t delay. With a comprehensive, well-crafted disruption and disaster recovery plan you significantly improve your business’ resilience and well-being in the event of emergency. 

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Disasters can happen to anyone at anytime.

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