CTSBDC can now generate data for a specific location or area in Connecticut, across the United States and in over 50 selected countries. We can map this data or present it in tabular form to help you make smarter, accurate business decisions. Our business advisors can help you review and unlock its value for your marketing and delivery strategies.

Esri Business Analyst provides this data and it includes pre-formatted reports to help you do:

  • Smart site selection
  • Customer profiling
  • Competition analysis
  • Accurate marketing initiatives.

The reports are based on thousands of data variables ranging from demographics and census to consumer spending and employment data as well as traffic counts.

Each report provides access to valuable data that would cost hundreds of dollars to obtain elsewhere, or would take hours of research and compilation to put into a useful format.

Consumer Spending

Reports in this category provide information about what consumers spend their money on (clothes, education, furnishings and so on) by market.

Reports include:

  • Automotive Aftermarket Expenditures
  • Financial Expenditures
  • House and Home Expenditures
  • Household Budget Expenditures
  • Medical Expenditures
  • Retail Goods and Services Expenditures
  • Recreation Expenditures

This category also includes the Retail Marketplace Profile

Retail Marketplace data accurately measures retail activity by trade areas by providing a direct comparison of retail sales to consumer spending by NAICS industry classification. These classifications include Food and Drink, Automotive, Electronics and Appliances, Health and Personal Care and more.


Demographic reports provide information on population trends and changes.

These include:

  • Market Profile
  • Demographic and Income Profile
  • Demographic and Income Comparison Profile
  • Household Income Profile (A new report that includes information previously available in the Age by Income Profile and the Detailed Income Profile.)
  • Age by Sex Profile
  • Age by Sex by Race Profile
  • Detailed Age Profile
  • Executive Summary
  • Graphic Profile
  • Age 50+ Profile
  • Housing Profile
  • Net Worth Profile
  • Disposable Income Profile


Traffic Count Profile maps contain points that identify information about the number of vehicles that cross a street location. This will help you understand traffic patterns, analyze existing and potential sites and territories, and identify high-demand areas by traffic patterns.


These reports provide details about the businesses and employees in an area. You can also see daytime versus nighttime populations, existing major shopping areas and vehicle traffic patterns around sites. You can create reports based on a trade area’s current and potential business environment by examining existing business and services, the competitive presence and retail activity.

Market Potential

Reports in the Market Potential category provide information on the products and services consumers’ want and the civic attitudes they have. Market Potential data contains more than 2,000 items from GfK MRI consumer survey grouped into 35 categories of goods.

Reports include:

  • Electronics and Internet Marketing Potential
  • Financial Investments Market Potential
  • Health and Beauty Market Potential
  • Pets and Products Market Potential
  • Restaurant Market Potential
  • Retail Market Potential
  • Sports and Leisure Market Potential

Tapestry Segmentation

Tapestry Segmentation from Esri provides an accurate, detailed description of America’s neighborhoods. Segmentation is based on the principle that people with similar tastes and lifestyles will seek others with the same tastes, like seeks like.

Through Tapestry Segmentation, Business Analyst can help you:

  • Understand your targeted consumers
  • Create memorable messages and advertisements
  • Deliver messages and advertisements through social media
Seeing this data on a map will refine market strategy and promote overall good use of market dollars.

The 67 market segments are combined to identify 14 LifeMode summary groups with similar spending habits and demographic patterns and to 6 Urbanization summary groups with similar living conditions (for example, urban versus rural). You can use Tapestry Segmentation to learn more about customers such as housing and family characteristics, employment and education levels, product and vacation preferences, and home values and favorite activities.

This technology can help you make better sense of a lot of data and save time and money.

Overall, the Small Business Development Center can help you with every component of starting, and provide you with the information you need to be successful. Contact the CTSBDC at 860-486-4270 or CTSBDC@UConn.edu for more information today.

$25 for the first report, $15 for all subsequent reports

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