Recover & Pivot

This page contains information for a collection of topic areas which small businesses should consider as they recover and pivot. Please check back frequently for updates.

Human Resources

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. The key to a company’s recovery is based on the way that they take care of their employees during this time. ​It is critical for small businesses to focus on how you can help your employees feel safe and supported by communicating with them in a consistent manner. ​

You should prepare your workplace for continuous changes in the public health environment and keeping yourself updated on employee laws, and regulations should be of utmost importance.​

Below we are sharing some resources that can be used for businesses to evaluate their HR practices. Please contact us if you would like additional assistance with HR for your small business.

INFOGRAPHIC: HR Best Practices During COVID-19

Care, communication, safe space, and connection are all ways small businesses can optimize their human resource practices during COVID-19. Click on the image below to download our full infographic.


A cyberattack is defined as an attempt to gain illegal access to a computer or network system for the purpose of causing damage or harm.

Threat actors of all types are exploiting uncertainty and publicity of the pandemic.  

There is an increase in the number of phishing attacks, malicious sites, and business email compromise attempts linked to the pandemic, according to multiple sources. Threat actors conducting data theft for extortion, disruptive or destructive ransomware attacks, and/or seeking to damage an business’ brand, have targeted organizations perceived as under pandemic-related strain. 

It is critical small businesses have a plan in place to protect against cyberattacks. Contact a business advisor today to have CTSBDC help you develop a cybersecurity plan. 

INFOGRAPHIC: Cybersecurity Tips

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Learn why small businesses are especially vulnerable to these malicious attacks by downloading our infographic below.


Since the start of the pandemic, consumer buying behaviors have shifted dramatically.  Consumers are now settling into a new normal as businesses are reopening and it is critical to continue your marketing efforts with new messaging.

Having a strong digital presence for your brand that is mindful of its messaging will inspire brand loyalty. Evaluating how you are reaching your customers through social media, newsletters, and other communications will allow you to stay active and in front of consumers.

If you need more help marketing your business during this time, contact an advisor

INFOGRAPHIC: Marketing During COVID-19

Marketing your business during a pandemic may require that you make a few adjustments to be mindful of the times.

By adopting your messaging, imagery, and presence your brand may be perceived as more trusted by consumers. Check out the infographic below to read some specific tips for how you can do this. 

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