Business Services & Assistance

Make better business decisions with an advisor.

Your business advisor will provide expertise, coaching, and tools to help you reach your business goals – whether that’s starting a new business, entering a new market, finding capital, or overcoming management challenges.

Access to Capital and Funding

Our advisors are well-versed in the Connecticut capital landscape. They can help you identify capital sources including traditional & non-traditional lending, angel investment, and venture capital. Your advisor will work with you to develop and refine your pitch or loan package, and help strategize the best terms.

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Business Plan Development

The business planning process is incredibly important for you to get your ideas down on paper and to create a plan of action. Our advisors will walk you through the process and help you refine your business model.

Disruption Preparedness

Getting your business back up to speed after a business disruption event whether a natural disaster, cybersecurity breach, obtrusive construction, or personnel turnover is paramount. Our advisors will work you to make sure you have continuity plans in place and are taking necessary precautions to keep your business safe.

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Financial Management

Knowing your numbers is the gateway to making good business decisions. Our advisors will review your financial statements and will walk you through a financial analysis. They can also assist in budgeting and planning for capital improvements and expansion.

International Trade

If you’re thinking of going global, our international trade business advisors can assess your export readiness, help identify new markets, and secure financing.


You are not alone. In confidential advising sessions, our advisors can help you develop strategic plans, brainstorm ideas and solutions, and overcome challenges.

Marketing and Sales

Every business needs paying customers. Our business advisors can assist in market research, and work with you to turn that research into an effective marketing and sales strategy.


Our advisors can work with you to identify operational bottlenecks, brainstorm solutions, and create an operations improvement plan.

Tools and Resources

Through your advisor, CTSBDC clients have access to business frameworks and industry reports that are cost prohibitive to many small businesses like industry benchmarking reports, industry trends analysis, market research, and more.

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Reach your business goals.

Professional business advisors are ready to help you investigate capital opportunities, prepare loan documents, export your products, determine growth strategies, complete market research, develop marketing plans, prepare for business disruption, and more.

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