Michelle Ouimette

Business Advisor, Management Adjunct Faculty

Creativity will take me as far as my imagined limits. – K. Bradford Brown

In 2005, shortly after finishing graduate school, I was asked why does someone with an MBA want to work for a nonprofit? My response: because a nonprofit organization is a business. Little did I know that this would start a long career in the nonprofit sector where I led numerous initiatives to grow our service offerings, diversify revenue streams, and embrace entrepreneurial thinking.  Yes, I do get excited talking about the Business Model Canvas, marketing strategy, and financial statements. I love to solve the puzzles of business.

I am also inspired by people who have created businesses that change lives.  Some refer to this as social or impact entrepreneurship.  I served as the Managing Director of a CT based social enterprise for six years while pursuing my doctorate in management at Pace University before joining the CTSBDC.

I believe that business can be a sustainable catalyst for social change. The challenges that we face are many, and the opportunities are plentiful. Through my ongoing research in entrepreneurship, and my experience in the trenches, I help aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners create impact driven businesses that thrive!

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