Working for Connecticut’s small businesses.

Our team is dedicated to providing the tools and resources needed to help your business succeed.

Christine Sullivan
Business Advisor
Denise Whitford
Business Advisor
Gregory Lewis
Business Advisor
Griselda Champagne
Business Advisor
Jim Jackson
Business Advisor
Jon Carlisle
Business Development Advisor
Joseph Ercolano
State Director
Joseph W. Williams Jr.
Business Advisor
Kathy Williamson
Database Administrator
Mary Kay Della Camera
Microenterprise Business Advisor
Matt Nemeth
Business Advisor
Matthew Pugliese
Associate State Director
Miriam Blake
Financial Analyst
Nelson Merchan
Business Advisor
Patty Meagher
Technology Business Advisor
Sade Owoye
Business Advisor
Shelly Koehler
Business Advisor
Valeria G. Bisceglia
Integrated Learning & Business Advisor

Reach your business goals.

Professional business advisors are ready to help you investigate capital opportunities, prepare loan documents, export your products, determine growth strategies, complete market research, develop marketing plans, prepare for business disruption, and more.

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